Friday, October 8, 2010

"You're in trouble now"

Makenzie went to her pulmonologist the other day for a yearly check up. She is 34.2" tall and 27.7lbs. The doctor was thrilled with her progress and said that since she has had no issues thus far, that she doesn't need to keep seeing him. He did say, of course, that her chronic lung disease still puts her at high risk and she could still become extremely sick if she were to get RSV for example. Cold/flu season is now here and so we will be limiting her contact as usual. Her speech is astounding now and she even has shown her little bossy streak. The other day she said to me, "Be quiet Mom! Ian napping!". The other day when I was trying to fix my phone she said, "Oh you're in trouble now". HAHAHAHA That gave me a good laugh.

Ian is doing good. His colic seems to have passed and since week 14 he has been sleeping 8-11 hours at night. Getting more sleep is WONDERFUL! : ) It makes for a happy baby and a happy mommy.

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